Press Image Pod, is the answer to any Designer/Makers dream! We will help you to get your products in front of the press, for consideration in campaigns, blogs and features. Whats more we will use our own social media networks which have a global growing reach over 50,000 to help your products become house hold names All without the huge PR Price Tag! You will become an exclusive member of our global marketplaces!
Press Enquiries
We work alongside journalists and bloggers throughout the UK & Overseas, connecting Designer/Makers to the publications requirements, to help optimise exposure for your products.
Online Marketplaces
All our Makers/Designers have access to our Marketplaces to showcase/sell their products to our global customers.  Simply upload the products and we connect them to the appropriate marketplaces.
We are here to help you optimise your products, from advice on Photography, to Product Descriptions, Social Media and how to respond to press enquiries, our team hold a wealth of knoweledge they are ready to share.


Makers-Pod is our collective Market Place for members of Press Image Pod supplying high-end professional marketplaces for our makers/designers to showcase and sell their fantastic products. These complimentary marketplaces are available exclusively by invitation & to members of Press Image Pod! Our Market Places aim to be different from everyone else's offering on the web!

Weddings that dare to be different

Wedi-Quette is aimed at people who want a wedding that dares to be different. It will feature wedding decor, accessories, and gifts that are unique and customisable. Products that add style rather than the mass produced pink and sparkly themes that you find on other wedding specific sites.


Accessories for Business with Style

Maisie-Jane is the Style Hub for Business, bringing fabulous Makers/Designers products for all that you need in your business life, from desk accessories, to accessories for you, we have it covered! After all, Business does not have to be boring!

Coming Soon
Coming Soon

in 2019!

In 2019 we will be launching Marketplaces focussed on Food/Drink, Pets, Home Interiors & Gardens, Kids, if you have products focussed on these or anything else, please get in touch!

Our Designer/Makers

Our designer/makers are fabulous, here's a selection of what can be found our stores!

Meet our Designer/Makers

Have questions or want more information on Makers-Pod, please drop us an email!
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